Hopper Steel Windows

Hopper steel windows are hinged at the bottom of the frame and open inwards. 

They are useful in situations with restricted space or access and if security grills are fixed to the outside window. Steel Hopper windows can be integrated with fixed windows or other door systems. 

Hopper windows operate with a standard, keyed lever handle or spring catch (non - keyed). Spring catches allow the windows to be opened from a great height and can be opened and closed with a boat hook.


  • Stainless steel friction hinges set inside the frame
  • Lever handle or spring catch


Maximum height 1400 mm x maximum width 1000mm.
Degree of opening can be set to desired angle.
Movement of sash generally restricted to maximum 30º.


Aust Standard AS1288 allows single pane windows to be glazed in 6.38mm toughened up to  2 sq. meters of glass. Sizes larger than this require 8mm or 10 .38mm toughened glass or the window to be made in smaller panes with the use of muntins and mullions.

Glass is retained with snap on steel 10 mm sq glazing beads, normally glazed in. Double glazing (Integrated Glass Units) of the windows can be achieved using a deeper section profile.


Steel window frames are suitable for fixing into most standard builds. The perimeter section can be adapted to suit masonry and concrete wall construction details. More specialized construction including steel sub-frames can also be accommodated.

Fixing brackets to span caverties is common and should be indicated at quotation stage. Post installation the builder can finish the reveal with the chosen interfacing materials which overlay the bracketing/fixings, whether it is render, plaster, stone or other materials.

Steel Windows and Doors can quote on installation for you, provided the project is within the Sydney area, or your builder can install.